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, 03-09-2021 at 06:36 AM (233 Views)
A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a network of websites that only exist to link to a central site. This is done in order to influence the authority of this site in search.

What are private blog networks and what do they mean for SEO?
A Private Blogging Network (PBN) uses a network of websites to create links to a specific or central site and influence its authority. Links generated through this network increase the authority of the central site by improving its ranking. This is valid until they are caught by Google and punished for unethical practices, and all these ratings, as well as the efforts invested in promoting the site, instantly disappear.
How private blog networks work
Understanding how building a PBN network works starts with a basic awareness of the importance of backlinks and site authority. Basically, a referral link is a transition from another site to your resource. Referral links are organically built when your site provides foundational or authoritative content. It turns out that the other site is, in fact, "citing" your site by reference.
This link signals to search engines that your site is an authority on a given topic, which positively affects the ability of your domain to rank high in search engines related to this topic. The more links, the greater the level of authority.

PBNs function either by buying a collection of expired domain names that already have established authority, or by buying and registering multiple domains at once and building their authority. Once the network is created, the domains are used to host the main content, which includes links to the main site.

In a short and representative equation, a PBN linking campaign might look something like this:
Purchased expired domain # 1 + 5 links to the main site.
Purchased expired domain # 2 + 5 links to the main site.
Expired domain # 3 + 5 links to the primary site was purchased.
= + 15 new authority links to the primary site that increase rankings and possibly lead to new traffic.

Reasons People Use Personal Blog Networks
Referral links have a big impact on Google rankings, and organic links often take a long time to earn. Building ethical and high-quality referral links (white niche) requires not only good content, but distinctive content, and usually enough customer engagement to build a good, high-quality relationship. It takes time, strategy and work.

The main purpose of a pbn link is, first of all, to offer value to a person or audience, and secondly, to send a signal of an authoritative site to a search robot. In general, this method makes good money and monetizes in a great way.
PBN bypasses the need to earn credibility and allows the black niche to manipulate the link itself. Since you own multiple domains, you have almost unlimited opportunities to fool search engine bots into believing that you have authority, whether the targeted content is worth converting or not.
You also have the ability to control and fine-tune the anchor text of your links, ensuring that they are optimized and relevant. Thus, the ability to grow backlinks at a fast pace can create instant or very fast exploitative authority, resulting in an implicit but still valuable ranking place in the search engine results of the page (SERP) - at least not. for a while.
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