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, 08-18-2009 at 09:48 AM (4363 Views)
It is alleged
More interesting news on the Zer01 story broken by Nancy Gohring from IDG News earlier this week. After a story directly questioned whether or not the MVNOs service actually existed, the parent company of Zer01 has stripped the website down to only very basic information.
What’s the story?
Zer01 has been offering an unlimited voice, SMS and data mobile service for $70 per month. The upcoming service was internationally acclaimed, even getting a “best in show” award at CTIA. Nancy Gohring published a piece earlier this week, calling into question the ability of Zer01 to provide the service… or even whether the service exists at all. For more details,
What’s the update?
There are two new relevant pieces of information:
- Information and links relating to Zer01 have been removed from parent company UTGs website. References to the companies management were stripped down.
- CEO of Zer01, Ben Pillani, claimed to have first met the Global Verge CEO Mark Petschel for the first time in May. When the substantial criminal record of Petschel was revealed, Pillani disavowed any former knowledge and said Petschel was stepping down from Global Verge. Nancy Gohring claims that several online documents show a clear relationship between the companies since last December.

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