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, 01-18-2009 at 09:20 PM (8589 Views)
This is a huge surprise. We knew Verizon Wireless had a lot of drive and ambition, but wow. In less than 10 days, Verizon Wireless customers can already call Alltel customers--For Free!

Alltel customers aren't as happy with this. They are still not able to call Verizon Wireless customers for free.

The two major crevasses:

  • Doesn't work for Alltel customers calling Verizon Wireless customers.
  • Not all Alltel customers can be called for free from a Verizon Wireless device--Numbers are gradually added.

You would need to make sure your friends and family that had Alltel are included. Visit the all new Verizon Wireless Mobile to Mobile page.

This is an amazing story. Verizon Wireless has decided that the term IN Calling isn't eye catching enough. They have went with the rest of the flow and IN Calling is now referred to as Mobile to Mobile. This also goes for IN network texting--Now Mobile to Mobile texting.

[Mobile Roar]

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