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, 10-09-2008 at 01:02 PM (13598 Views)
A couple weeks ago I attended a session on S60 by Oren Levine, Senior Product Marketing Manager, s60 Platform - Mobile Software Sales and Marketing, Nokia

Here are a couple points he touched on...

S60 on Symbian:

  • On over 150 million devices
  • Shipped by Nokia, Samsung, Lenovo, and LG
  • Over 80 models of s60 phones worldwide
  • Open platform - allows handset vendors and developers to easily build and program phones.


  • Over 80% of S60 users used the internet browser
  • 47% use the device as a portable music player
  • Users spend less than 50% of their time in calls or messaging

Web features:

  • Widgets using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Combine web based serves with personal context and data
  • Create essential, exciting, personal services
  • Access platform services through JavaScript and ActionScript

Media Features:

  • TV, Radio, Music, Video
  • Stream, download, broadcast
  • Any format, any media

Calling all innovators - Forum.NOKIA - Calling All Innovators

Nokia buys Symbian - 4th q 2008

S60 & Symbian OS Open Source

  • S60 and Symbian OS with UiQ and MOAP(S) moving to open source
  • Non-profit open
  • Membership is open to all
  • Source code available for free
  • Committed to move full platform
  • Tools and resources available for free
  • Wide offering of development environment

So does this mean Nokia wants to compete with google's open source alliance?
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  1. arunkumarsvr's Avatar
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    good info
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    i intrested in NOKIA phone . that's no easy breaking
  3. jemcru's Avatar
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    nice info...very informative!
  4. jemcru's Avatar
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    Dont you have any news about how popoluar Windows mobil is?
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    nice information! very helpful!!!
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    Please pay me side, free gps map download for nokia 6110 phone .
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    It is really a nice cell phone and I also liking it very much!

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