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, 09-14-2008 at 05:11 PM (4004 Views)
As most people that are either with Sprint or ever have been with Sprint, the list of billing errors, customer service debacles and general dissatisfaction is endless. However, this last week iced the cake and has triggered me to post on every blog, contact the Attorney Generals of both Texas and Kansas and begin a media blitz (I have the rolodex, I'm in the business).

I changed my plan last week. I steeled myself for the ensuing issues I knew were coming. The guys at the Sprint store said they hoped it would be okay; I guaranteed them there would be an issue within 30 days and they promised to get involved if there was. Well...five hours later, when my voicemail wasn't working I got a hold of CSR #1: Couldn't understand a word he/she said. CSR #2 disconnected us. CSR # 3, got so lost in my account, rebooted my system, locked up my phones and then proceeded to tell me the reason I had the problem was because my "Simply Everything" plan for $99 needed to be $129. She then told ME I wasn't listening to her...but then SHE finally realized that my other two lines were NOT sharing my data minutes...I was furious and drove up to the Sprint store with her on my cell phone. I was demanding cancellation...she hung up on the Sprint store guys!

I called CSR # 4. She was very nice and did her best to help me. However, as I demanded that she read LINE BY LINE what was on my account (we'd already found powervision pack added to the other two lines...that isn't even necessary, nor requested), she came across a little charge on all three lines: International calling. I stopped her and said, "WHAT?" She read the notes on my account: "On July 28, customer called (CALLED) to inquire about flat rate charges to Europe and Asia."

That call NEVER HAPPENED. I was livid. Someone is lying. It's fraud. It's Federal. I've complained to FCC, AGs, Media, anyone I can. This is ridiculous and they think they can continue to get away with it. I wrote a scathing email to "Dan" (Dan Hesse, CEO of "embattled Sprint"--embattled from within!!), knowing this email on the TV spots would be a dummy account of sorts. (About the ONLY thing that would have impressed me would be if Dan actually responded to charges of fraud...or at least an executive team member.) In my email to "Dan" I said that I'd begin my tirade of truth by noon the next day. (Noon, Wednesday 9/10/08). Thursday morning Sprint tried to contact me: "Angela from [email protected]'s office. I had to laugh. A. I wasn't kidding, I had made significant progress by noon the next day and she was way too late. B. Sending me another CSR with scripts and a complete lack of empowerment was yet the next bad move on Sprint's part. She tried the next day and we spoke later that afternoon.

Angela appears a glorified CSR. I got the scripted responses: "Valued Sprint customer" (Lord, I'd hate to see how I'd be treated if I were new and spending $50 a month rather than 10 YEARS and spending $250!!!) I received an accusation that perhaps someone else called and put the charges on my bill. Funny though, she didn't tell me what number the "call" came from when I asked. Nor did she have an answer for why there are no international calls on any of my lines after I requested the service. She did ask if she should report this to their fraud department. I nearly choked.

The VERY next DAY: I was going to send a picture mail. I took the shot, pressed send to my recipient and got a notice on my phone: "This service is not part of your package, if you press send, you agree to $5.00 per month for picturemail service. I'm on SIMPLY EVERYTHING.

I then called Sprint. (I swear I should add dental repair to any suit because of all the teeth grinding I do with these folks.) "Kenneth" decided he should lecture me that I was too frustrated and it was just a little hiccup. It seems that sometimes, the things you pay for don't actually get setup. Gosh...what's the big deal??? "Kenneth" also told me that every call with Sprint is recorded. I am really hoping Kenneth knows more than I think. If that's the case, "Gosh, what's the problem with finding the tape of July 28th?" Wanna play some truth AND dare, Sprint? I do.

I will fight this to the end. My home town is Overland Park, Sprint's World HQ. I've never had to work so hard at being loyal to a company in my life. This is just the latest iteration, there have been varying degrees throughout the 10 years I've been a customer: 5000 anytime share minutes, 3500 used, yet charged for the minutes my daughters used on our share plan....?? They hope you don't review your bill. I wonder how much money Sprint owes should they be audited?


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