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  1. Cryptocurrency Exchanges

    , Today at 12:00 AM
    Each crypto exchange has its own characteristics that need to be carefully studied before making decisions about using a particular trading instrument, especially when it comes to trusting your funds to third-party organizations in such high-risk niches as the cryptocurrency market.
    Bittrex is one of the most reliable and popular cryptocurrency exchanges today. Bittrex provides the ability to work with hundreds of pairs of assets, and also provides reliable storage of funds - almost all digital ...
  2. The future belongs to bitcoin: what is cryptocurrency and is it possible to make money on it

    , 11-11-2021 at 05:26 AM
    For those who are just going to start investing in cryptocurrency and do not know where to start, I will give a few tips:

    1. Study the market carefully before buying any cryptocurrency. There are always risks, and sometimes very big ones.
    2. Do not think that if, for example, bitcoin cost $ 20,000 last night and $ 19,999 this morning, then you should immediately buy it to the maximum. You need to closely monitor the quotes and wait for the right moment.
    3. You cannot ...
  3. What is blockchain?

    , 11-10-2021 at 04:37 AM
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the potential impact of blockchain technology on the electricity sector and explore what opportunities it can offer to buyers and consumers of electricity. Blockchain was created as a niche product in secondary markets, however, this technology has recently attracted the attention of experts from various industries, as well as aroused increased interest from the media.

    Blockchain is a special technology on which platforms are based for conducting ...
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  4. Huawei warrany check by Serial Number

    , 10-25-2021 at 12:38 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by View Post

    Now you an check all Huawei devices by Serial Number

    just go to Huawei SN checker free warranty check service, type your Huawei Serial Number and get full warranty info

    Serial Number : EHTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8
    Model : HUAWEI P30 Pro
    Country : PL ,LV ,NO ,BE ,GB ,PT ,BG ,ES ,SE ,HR ,IS ,LU ,NL ,AT ,DE ,EE ,HU ,IE ,SI ,CH ,CY ,DK ,GR ,SK ,CZ ,FR ,LT ,MT ,RO ,FI ,IT
    Supported Country : PL
    Warranty start : 2019/10/19
  5. What is NFT. Explaining in simple words

    , 10-08-2021 at 12:02 PM
    NFT token (non-fungible token) is a unique digital certificate that is stored in the blockchain, guarantees the originality of the item and gives exclusive rights to it. This concept came from the world of cryptocurrency.
    Non-fungible tokens cannot be imperceptibly substituted, divided, replaced. The system is suitable for securing rights to a unique object - a work of art, real estate, an artifact in a computer game.
    Simply put, every record on the blockchain is called a token. ...
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