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  1. New LG IMEI checker and iPhone iCloud checker free

    , 07-13-2020 at 02:51 AM
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    Some new update for free IMEI checker services

    first we update LG IMEI checker

    Old LG services stop working, we add new one

    IMEI 35556510221xxxx
    Model Q720TSW
    Carrier T-MOBILE
    Warranty status Under warranty
    Date of checking 2020-07-13 10:48:27
    Next update is on

    iPhone iCloud checker udpate for a new, fast version

    Test all services and post results
    Miscellaneous , Cell Phones , LG
  2. Cable Shielding Types & When to Use Them

    , 06-11-2020 at 10:14 AM
    The purpose of cable shielding is to create a barrier in order to protect the cable from any external interferences like EMI or electrical interference, and to prevent the cable signals from interfering with the surrounding cables.
    The use of shielded cables is becoming more common, even though they are not required in all environments. At start, shielded cables were only applied in the installations in spaces with high concentration of electrical equipment and projects with secure communications applications. ...
  3. Xiaomi check info by FSN number, IMEI check, free IMEI checker

    , 06-02-2020 at 02:00 AM
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    New upadate for Xiaomi IMEI checker

    Now you can check Xiaomi info by FSN

    If you can't check IMEI on your Xiaomi just use FSN.

    How to check your Xiaomi FSN number if you can't check IMEI on device ?
    - press 10 times padlock
    - FSN number will be display on your Xiaomi

    Now go to Xiaomi Warranty checker and fill form.

    Exemple below
    FSN : 6D810H90xxxx
    Product ID : 16846
    Product Name :
    Miscellaneous , Cell Phones
  4. Free T-Mobile USA IMEI blacklist checker, check IMEI blacklist status, T-Mobile USA

    , 05-27-2020 at 02:39 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    New IMEI checker service on

    Now you can Check IMEI blacklist status of T-Mobile USA devices.

    You can find service in Top Meny -> IMEI checker -> Blacklist checker -> T-Mobile USA blacklist checker

    All devices with IMEI number are supported, just type your IMEI and get full results.


    IMEI : 3564311013xxxx
    Model : Apple iPhone XR (A1984)
    Blacklist status : Device has an outstanding
  5. Intex IMEI checker, check IMEI online, free IMEI check for Intex

    , 05-07-2020 at 01:27 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Next script is ready for all

    Now you can check IMEI for all Intex mobiles.

    You don't kwnat this brand ? Just taka a look at Intex info.

    How to check Intex warranty for free ?

    1. go to Intex IMEI check section
    2. enter the IMEI number of your Intex phone
    3. after a few seconds you will receive all information about your Intex device

    Intex IMEI checker is free for all, test and post results !

    Miscellaneous , Cell Phones
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