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Rene Perry
, 07-24-2015 at 04:15 AM (11273 Views)
Here Are Some Of The Best Tips And Tricks To Prevent The Loss Of Your Smartphone!


Block the possibilities of losing your smartphone and avoid the possibilities of having the aforementioned disasters. Tick down the following:

Pocket It: People always seen flaunting their phones even when not in use. Either they keep it on the dinner table in the restaurant or just keep in their hands while walking on the busy lane. This counts as a foolish idea. It is always advisable to keep your phone either inside your pocket or in the bag when you aren’t using it. Doing this, You will help yourself in keeping it safe and sound. Keeping it in your hand unnecessarily, Will bring you into the lights of the thief and thus you become their target.

Free Your Hands: Although people doesn't find it comfortable to use hand-free gadgets in substitution to their handsets but it is the smartest idea to dodge the robbers. The hand-free stuff reduce or rather eliminate the chances of losing your priceless phone in the busy streets. No matter whither you go or what kind of place it is, By using the hand-free devices you diminish the possibilities of robbery of your expensive cell phone.

Keep It Close: Never keep it away from you. People have a very careless approach over their cell phone. While going for shopping, They always leave their cell phones inside the car, etc.. Neglected and unattended cell phone first comes in the eyes of the crooks. You need to be assured that your phone is in front of your eyes, Tag it to yourself wherever you go. It is better to hold the pain of carrying it lest it goes into the hands of the wrong ones.

Lock It: Strictly make your cell phone a password protected device. It cannot be an open book since it is carrying essential information that are confidential too. Use the 8-word security letter which must carry alphabets, numerical and one special characters. For eg., discover99!, theoceans7#, etc. Never keep a face or a voice password as someone who looks similar to you or have the same tonal quality as of yours can easily unlock your cell phone. This way you can trick the person who attempts to peep into your handset without taking your due permission.

Record It: Every smartphone is designed with an exclusive and uncommon number called as Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI). These 15 digits serial number is unique by its nature, in-alterable and are engraved into the circuits of the mobile phones. It is advisable to keep a record of these numbers by penning it down somewhere safely. This is because when the phone gets lost this numerical is required to file an FIR. You can reach to these 15 digit number on either of the following:
The cover box of the phone; or
Phone’s setting folder; or
Back/front of the battery; or
By ringing on *#06#


Monitor It: Mobile monitoring apps like Spymaster Pro could be an aid to you. You can equip your gadget with the cell phone spying software so as to track it if in worst case it goes astray. Such apps will bring you the current and past GPS Location of the phone. Not only this but also serve you with the exact geo-map, nearby landmarks, also date and time prints of the same. This will also allow you to see the pivotal information saved in the cell phone, Therefore, You can change or cease the valuable accounts accordingly.


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    Yeah, I agree, I think I should install a tracking app in my phone that tells the exact location of my mobile so if I lost, than easily I reach it.
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