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, 10-25-2021 at 12:38 AM (1530 Views)
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Now you an check all Huawei devices by Serial Number

just go to Huawei SN checker free warranty check service, type your Huawei Serial Number and get full warranty info

Serial Number : EHTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8
Model : HUAWEI P30 Pro
Country : PL ,LV ,NO ,BE ,GB ,PT ,BG ,ES ,SE ,HR ,IS ,LU ,NL ,AT ,DE ,EE ,HU ,IE ,SI ,CH ,CY ,DK ,GR ,SK ,CZ ,FR ,LT ,MT ,RO ,FI ,IT
Supported Country : PL
Warranty start : 2019/10/19
End of warranty : 2019/10/26
Bind Date : 2020/10/27
Warranty status : 7 Day Device Replacement
Try it and post results


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