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, 01-16-2020 at 03:17 AM (804 Views)
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Why should I check my phone IMEI before I buy used phone ?

Buying used phone you don't know its full history.

You can't be sure it's not blacklisted or mobile is still under warranty.

What you can do is ask seller for IMEI number.
IMEI number is unique identifier of any mobile device. IMEI have 15 digits and can be found by typing *#06#.

Which information can be found by checking IMEI ?
Most important is blacklist status, if phone have bad history (was stolen or lost, bills was not paid) IMEI will be on BLACKLIST and phone can't be fully use.

You need to also check if phone have blocked like simlock (phone can be use with one carrier only) or activation blocked (iCloud status for Apple devices).
Warranty and purchase dates are also important. You need to know full age of your phone.
With IMEI checker you can also confirm if phone is original. There is many fakes phone (Samsung, iPhone and rest top mobiles) over market.

Our free IMEI checker can check many brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Motorola, Lenovo, Nokia and many more.

How IMEI check works ?
1. Go to
2. Type your device IMEI number
3. Wait few seconds for results

That's it!!

So don't wait check IMEI from your device, service is free, don't need login or register. give you also possriblity to register lost or stolen phone in our database.
If you lost your device put it on Blacklist base.
We have thousands of IMEI check daily, many phone return to previous owner after using our Blacklist database.


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