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, 09-04-2009 at 12:49 AM (9099 Views)
There is the p168i features, hope you can like it.

3.5 inch screen , which bigger than normal 3.2 inch

Standard iphone port , which can use original iphone cable on this mobile phone

Slient mode power switch, it is a switch to make the whole mobile silent no matter somebody call you or listen to the music...
The back cover can be the apple logo , also we can supply you the unapple logo back cover for you.

The 3.5 mm earphone port make you more convinent to use other earphone on the mobile phone , you do not need cost you so much money to buy the earphone from the factory anymore.

Can build-in 2GB p168i, 4GB p168i, 8GB p168i

Steel glass in the p168i

Java function with msn and so on


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    i-phone with at&t... no good, when the verizon 3g network carries the phone, then, i may be interested in buying it. Its a nice phone, i like it, but a good carrier is most important.

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