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, 01-22-2012 at 11:45 AM (102169 Views)
Cell Phone Forums uses a custom built system for vBulletin to allow guests to post a reply or a new thread in the forums, then register to publish their reply. This system encourages participation by calling on the user to write something before the option of registering even enters their mind. With the modification being enabled for a month and a half on this site we've seen a 9% increase of new registrations (Results will vary depending on your traffic and subject matter).

Here are the features:
  • Compatible with vBulletin 4.1.7 + (untested on lower versions but it should work without a problem down to 4.1.4, when CKEditor was introduced)
  • Works with quickreply
  • Settings to change which editor is displayed, including a basic text box (without loading large CKEditor files) to cut down on page load time for guests
  • E-mail verification compatibility
  • When guest post is published (before or after e-mail verification)
  • Human Verification on/off for quick reply/advanced reply & post
  • User is only asked to enter one Human Verification/CAPTCHA - they will not have to enter another one on the register page
  • Default subscription options for quick reply, or the option they pick on the new thread/reply is saved automatically
  • Works with Facebook registration
  • Message after user registration to tell them their post has been posted with a link, or that it has been put in the moderation queue if determined to be spam by a spam system (akismet or spam-o-matic)
  • Compatibility with spam-o-matic (requires an edit to spam-o-matic)
  • If a user posts, creating new posts is disabled until they register - notification of this is in the header
  • Guest posts are saved in the moderation queue under 'unregistered' until the system automatically removes (admin setting) the post or the user registers. This allows admins/moderators to see what is being posted.
  • Header message to users that they have a 'saved post', even if they come back later (cookie based)
  • Reporting feature that tracks total posts / replies, abandonment (users create a post but never register), posts marked as spam, and successful posts / replies (register)

The modification is available for an introductory price of $49.99 USD (one time). Support will be provided for bugs in the private support forum located on this site. Additional features cannot be added.

To get started, visit the subscription page and choose "advanced guest posting & registration modification".

Once you have subscribed visit the product download page.


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