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, 06-15-2022 at 04:18 PM (128 Views)
The Creation and Distribution of knowledge.

The Internet is changing many things and one of them is that any person or institution can become a potential creator of content and knowledge. Moreover, the collaborative creation of knowledge has reached unprecedented tiktok video downloader without watermark dimensions. Let's think of Wikipedia as an example of the possibilities of the collaborative creation of knowledge through the web. This successful example will become more and more common thanks to new technologies.

Today the availability of educational resources is almost limitless. Open Educational Resources is one of the initiatives that has had the greatest impact. Thanks to it, anyone who wishes can freely access enormous amounts of knowledge generated by hundreds of universities around the world. One of the first universities to participate in the initiative was MIT, through its OpenCourseWare (OCW) initiative. Other examples are iTunes University, which offers more than 350,000 courses from many universities (Oxford, Stanford, Yale...) and the Khan Academy.


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