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, 02-09-2023 at 09:47 PM (461 Views)
What did it mean to win the Super Cup a few days ago?

It was a turning point. It was against the direct rival of all the culés and that motivates even more. It was a very good final, we were superior and we deserved the title. He gave the team confidence, especially for the youngest because it was their first title. For them it was very special like tiktok保存. You could see it in their faces.

Do you feel favorites for the League?

From experience I tell you that there is a lot left in the League, that Madrid will push hard until the end and it will be very difficult. It is a considerable distance, but we cannot relax. It is in our hands to win it.

And this Sunday, even if it was with one more game, they could get eleven at Villarreal.


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