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, 01-17-2022 at 07:07 PM (85 Views)
A survey carried out by Kaltura, an educational audiovisual content platform, highlights the importance of generating and using a greater amount of video training content. Although there is still little audiovisual material created by teachers and students to enrich the educational experience, the adoption of this technology is increasing.

Using video to enhance the educational experience
92% of students say that youtube music converter content increases the feeling of satisfaction in the learning experience. In turn, 83% of teachers consider that this tool promotes collaboration, while 84% think that it increases the achievement of educational achievements by their students.
Of the 1,500 teachers and students surveyed, 95% consider that video is of the utmost importance to eradicate the spread of false news.
According to the historical comparison of the results of this study, the video capture of presentations, conferences or classes has grown 21% in 2018. The trend indicates that this practice will grow in the following years.
The study revealed that 80% of the students think that the videos help improve the integration process of new students.
Despite the good acceptance of this technology, only 26% of students answered that their teachers use video regularly.


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