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, 06-15-2022 at 04:23 PM (171 Views)
Currently, technology has penetrated all societies, forming a consubstantial part of them and, basically, one of the biggest changes it has introduced is that of facilitating interpersonal communication, with devices and between themselves, as well as quick and instant access to information, wherever you are. The arrival of 5G and artificial intelligence enhances a situation that evolves step by step and integrates into our lives without even noticing it.

The expansion of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in all areas and levels of our society has been taking place, for several decades, at great speed and is an unstoppable process as new technological elements and applications are download tiktok videos without watermark appearing that motivate users, companies and institutions to make use of them, discarding the previous ones –although they coexist for some time–, either due to their obsolescence, or due to the lack of features that make them inadequate to satisfy the greater current requirements.


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