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, 04-27-2022 at 09:23 AM (151 Views)
A clear example of the above is that we have now moved from direct marketing to inbound marketing, which is much less aggressive.

Therefore, it has stopped chasing clients, to start attracting them. In this place, the use of blogs, accounts on social networks, participating in events, sharing relevant information, conducting surveys, etc. play an important role.

With this in mind, we cannot deny the importance of social networks today, and in fact it seems that there are more tiktok converter and more social networks on the internet. Although from time to time there are more specific social networks.

An example of this is that now when people want to share photos, they go to Instagram. On the other hand, if they are videos they go to YouTube or Tik Tok, but if they want to talk to professionals they open a Linkedin account.

And the latter is important, since, with increasingly specific social networks, we can access a lot of information classified and commented on by the user. Beyond what has been mentioned, we now also have many tools that allow us to analyze our numbers on social networks such as Twitter Analytics.
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