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, 07-20-2022 at 10:07 PM (150 Views)
The Billboard organization revealed this Tuesday its list of the 50 best Latin songs in history, to mark the beginning of the month in which the Hispanic Heritage is celebrated in the United States.

The list combines some of the recent hits of the urban genre, pop songs from the last three decades and songs from the traditional Latin American songbook, such as the Cuban Guantanamera tiktok video downloader and the Mexican La Bamba.

Billboard's journey to pick the 50 Greatest Latin Songs of All Time took us through time and space, from Argentina to Spain and from 1920 to 2018.

"We wanted to represent the full spectrum of Latin music, from Mexican ballads to Cuban son, Colombian salsa and today's bachata," he added.

However, Billboard's selection "includes not only hits but songs that made a difference, that marked a moment, that influenced many and were simply great compositions."


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