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, 06-13-2022 at 08:11 PM (135 Views)
Normal users won't know if you visited any particular profile (even people that blocked you) as that information is not made public by Twitter. So if you browse profiles on the Twitter web app or thru Twitter’s own mobile app, there is nearly zero chance of they knowing.

But then again, you need to consider other facts. Are you using your employer or campus Internet access to browse Twitter? Or maybe you're at some friends at home borrowing their Wi-Fi? Or in a twitter video downloader online Any of those places may have (and probably should have) monitoring services to check what's going on with their internet usage. It may be not easy for a novice to read through the logs of those monitoring systems, but somebody with some special knowledge of what and where to look could get it quite easily (not only what you do on Twitter, but in whole around the whole internet).


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