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, 05-24-2022 at 04:55 PM (186 Views)
Improves SEO
When Google ranks sites, it looks predominantly for the following: the quality of your content and its relevance to someone’s original search terms. A mixture of visuals, text and videos tells Google your site is full of information and will boost your SEO. Search engines favour video content, and the traffic created by tiktok videos downloader to the importance of your site.

Consumers are more likely to spend longer on a site that includes video, which improves bounce rate and SEO ranking. Being in front of customers for longer is not only important for SEO but also for recall. As we touched on above, video can increase brand recall, and with the rising competition, it is essential that your brand can stand out from the crowd, ensuring that consumers return, and when they do, they are greeted with an easy path. All of this will make the consumer journey faster, increasing the likeliness of conversion.


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    Whether in emerging markets like India or mature markets like the United States, the growth of TikTok is something to look out for, not in the least because of the apps recent status as one of the top platforms for advertising ROI, right up there with Google and Facebook.
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