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, 01-16-2022 at 09:37 PM (78 Views)
In this same survey, we discovered that 73% of consumers state that they’re impacted by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchase decision, and 32% look at a brand’s social media accounts before their website.

Knowing that the majority of people discovering your business on Instagram aren’t following you yet, the feed is a great place to showcase who you are as online video downloader a brand—and video offers you a wonderful opportunity to stand out from other types of content in the feed.

Plus, using hashtags within your captions, leveraging the geolocation features, and tagging people and profiles in your videos can help help get you in front of new customers in the feed, even if they aren’t visiting your Instagram profile specifically.

Video makes a lot of sense for visual brands that can demonstrate a before and after, or a multitude of products. Real estate, fashion and beauty, photography, and other industries that have strong visuals should look to video.

Stylist Jessica M Reese of Pynk Butterfly creates square videos with Animoto in order to showcase all the different looks they are able to achieve. Using hashtags, they are able to have their video show-up far beyond just their followers’ feeds.

Brands that might not have a lot of visuals can take a more text-based approach to Instagram videos. Pair text with the collection of over 1 million Getty Images, included with an Animoto subscription, to educate and inspire.


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