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, 06-09-2022 at 11:08 AM (315 Views)
Shot “in their studio” - whether it’s their Living Room or Dining Room or closet, or a facility they rent or own. It can be personal, family, group portraits, or it could be product photography - all shot where they have set up to shoot.

Who you’ll most likely HEAR it from is someone who has a facility in some way shape or form that they use on a regular basis. It has a designated area of setup that does nothing else, maybe a meditation studio near me background setup, a cyc wall, etc., sometimes lights permanently ready - just need to turn them ON and you’re ready to shoot.

This is in contrast to “location photography” which I’m guessing you can figure out based on that first paragraph. I may be a commercial photographer, but if I go to your office to shoot your headshot, it’s location photography. The same with family portraits in your house or out at a pretty location (or ugly - hey, preference is totally personal).
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