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, 05-24-2022 at 05:03 PM (154 Views)
Modern hardwood flooring generally comes in one of two forms. Solid hardwood flooring is, as the name suggests, boards of solid wood that are milled from rough lumber taken from felled hardwood trees. These boards receive a smoothly sanded face on the top surface but are left slightly rough on the bottom. The edges are models open near me shaped with tongue-and-grooves that allow the boards to interlock as they are installed.

Another form of hardwood flooring is known as engineered hardwood flooring. These boards are created by adhering a relatively thin surface layer of real hardwood to a thicker (and cheaper) core layer of high-quality plywood. This construction not only makes the flooring more affordable, but it gives the boards hardwood stability against expanding and shrinking due to changing humidity levels. Most forms of engineered wood flooring have the same tongue-and-groove construction and are installed in the same way as solid hardwood flooring.


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    What qualities should you pay attention to when hiring a flooring company?
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