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, 06-13-2022 at 08:07 PM (122 Views)
Twitter Advanced Search is a great tool by which you can search your own Twitter history for keywords. You can access Advanced Search using the web app or by directly going to then you will find a pop-up that has three sections to customize your search results.

There are three sections to customize your search results:

Words: Here, you can enter names, phrases, keywords, or hashtags twitter video downloader hd that you want to search in your Twitter history. It also enables you to enhance your search outcomes by entering the exact phrases in a specific tweet, all of the likely words in it, any probable word or none of those.

Accounts: This section allows you to enter the Twitter handles from which you intend to search Twitter history. In this, you can enter the name of the account from which a specific tweet was sent, the name of the account to which it was sent, as well as other accounts mentioned in the tweets.


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