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, 06-13-2022 at 08:16 PM (286 Views)
Twitter privacy settings
To do so, tap your account picture in the top-left and go to Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety and then scroll down and tap Personalization and data at the bottom of the page. At the top is a toggle switch to disable all personalization and data settings. You'll find this setting on both mobile Twitter and on the web.

One toggle switch can prevent Twitter from collecting and sharing information about you.

I turned them all off, but there are granular download video from twitter controls for ad personalization on Twitter itself and data Twitter can collect from your browsing history if you want to find a middle ground between keeping your data private and getting a more personalized Twitter experience.

If you head back to the Privacy and safety page in Settings, you'll see a Location setting if you are using Twitter on your phone where you can disable Precise location. Toggling this setting off prevents Twitter from using your phone's GPS to tailor the ads it serves you.
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