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, 05-24-2022 at 04:57 PM (146 Views)
Video allows brands to build deeper connections with consumers as it creates a sense of reality and adds authenticity to your product. When COVID restrictions removed the physical side of shopping, customers turned to online reviews, try on videos and hauls to get a deeper look at the products on offer.

Not only is video content entertaining, but it also provides the customer with information that cannot be shared through images. Brands can physically show consumers tiktok downloader without watermark who they are, their values and what they are doing through video. They can showcase the brandís personality, creating positive narratives for consumers, which allows them to position the brand.

Fashion brands, in particular, benefited from video content during the pandemic as they were able to deliver in-depth videos that replaced the touch factor in-store shopping provides them. Chatty videos full of personality built on brand purpose and connected with consumers emotionally, fuelling purchase desire.


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