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, 01-18-2022 at 10:48 AM (187 Views)
In this article, aimed mainly at less advanced users of the Google mobile platform, we'll show you how to install APKs on Android. In addition, we will also detail what it is for and what are the advantages of installing applications through this procedure. In summary, what we have prepared is a simple guide to make the leap to customization on Android.

What is an APK
Let's start with the basics. An APK is a type of file packaged in a format suitable for installation on Android, and works similarly to .exe files on a computer. Android is capable of reading tiktok downloader without watermark apk files to install them on our system quickly and easily, being only necessary to run the file in question first. In the same way, when we want to make a backup copy of an application, the APK format can help us extract it without complications from the mobile.


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