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, 08-11-2017 at 11:53 AM (5560 Views)
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Hello friends now a days you can see so many phones have such type of fault.So many users are in trouble
here is the best tips for users as well as mobile phone technician.


Why this happen?

First such type of faults cause due to hard brick by falling down.

water damage

uses of Copy lcds.

while on screen replace time the mistake of the technician.

There may be so many causes.

All think that that is the fault of lcds some how it may also be but in most of the cases that is the fault of the inproper connection of touch connector means might be the
loose contact of connecctor or touch connector fault or the touch ic faults.

Some how such faults can be solved by fix the touch connector in a loose case but in deep that is the fault of touch ic.

How the solution is?

First check the loose contact of touch connector to board.

Make an Clean the touch connector.

If the problem is same you have to change touch ic.

Now a days Most of the iPhone have two Digitizer touch ic that mention on picture.


One have crystal Digitizer touch ic type
Remember no any lines on lcd and touch not resposive that is the fault of crystal ic.

Another have black touch ic

Touch not resposive and line such that image of first that is the fault of black Digitizer touch ic.


So you have to remember changing touch ic is the final solution.
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