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, 07-10-2012 at 09:07 AM (5311 Views)
For you who want to look for what kind of technology used on a website or blog easily, you can use service from the website Anatomy of the Websites | you can easily know what kind of platform is used by a site or blog. Not only that, sitonomy will also tell you other technology which is used by a site or a blog.

This online feature can be used freely. Itís also really easy, you only need to input the URL address in this online service. Then sitonomy will automatically give you the list of technology used on a site such as advertising networks, blogging platform, widgets, feed providers, external libraries, traffic analytics tools, server software, and more.

This online feature is really good to be used by website developer who have sites or blogs. And also can be used to know what kind of technology is used on your favorite websites.


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