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, 05-18-2021 at 06:25 PM (20837 Views)
A large number of AI applications have been created, aimed at both the consumer market and the business sphere, from Apple's Siri to Google's DeepMind project.

In business, artificial intelligence enables enterprises and companies to work faster, more productively and more reliably, performing tasks at a significantly lower cost. As technology continues to evolve and does not stand still, more and more organizations are looking for solutions that can optimize processes.

The topic of artificial intelligence and its impact on business is now the most discussed topic. The findings of many experts indicate an increased increase in the use of such technology, especially in the service and financial sectors. They forecast an increase in investment in these sectors. The industry also began to appear projects using AI.

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What is artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is software that can use and analyze data, algorithms and programming elements to perform various actions. Such software can predict user behavior or events, self-learn, adapt to various circumstances and situations. Simply put, if a computer demonstrates the cognitive abilities inherent in humans, then this is called artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can be specialized (or general), strong or weak, depending on its application. Many of the AI ​​applications that we see and use in life today are considered to be a type of “weak AI” because their full true, true potential has not yet been fully tapped. For visual understanding, such AI is possessed by Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon. Although they interact extensively with people, when the user asks them a question or gives a command, for example, to set an alarm at 7:00, the AIs work out their program, in which the answers and actions are mostly programmed.


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