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, 03-09-2021 at 09:12 AM (550 Views)
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A critical gateway is a software or hardware-software complex based on VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology and providing transparent encryption of information network flows between objects that are distant from each other.

The use of cryptographic gateways is necessary if you need to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of transmitted data that are sent over insecure or unverified communication channels. VPN in this case can be organized on the basis of "network-to-network" or "network-to-remote user". If the principle is "site-to-site", then the cryptographic gateway must be installed on both sides of the communication channel. In this case, the traffic between them will be encrypted. In the case of using the "network-remote user" principle, a software or hardware crypto gateway is installed on the server side; the user only needs to install a software client.

Access to secure network resources
The access server (crypto gateway software) identifies and authenticates users and associates them with the required network nodes. The created secure channels form VPN networks. To ensure the operation of such a network, specialized software is used (control center), which manages local client security policies and sends configuration data to all users, keeps system logs.

The basic functions of crypto gateways are as follows:

protection of confidentiality and integrity of transmitted IP packets;
authentication of remote sites and users;
hiding the topology of the internal network by encapsulating traffic in an encrypted data transmission channel.
Crypto gateways often act as firewalls. But not in every case they can be as flexible and customizable, that is, they cannot compare with their functionality with a full-fledged firewall.
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To date, many technological and circuit solutions have been developed for organizing secure data transmission over the network. The most widespread technology is a Hub-and-Spoke cryptographic protection, in which each communication channel is connected to the center, and Full Mesh, in which all channels are connected to each other. Individual developers can implement VPN technologies in their own way.


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