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, 02-13-2021 at 03:08 PM (136 Views)
Financiers were the first to use fintech technologies, but now such software solutions are increasingly being implemented in other areas of business. In any business in which monetary settlements occur, fintech technologies can be used. Various settlements with money are made almost everywhere.
Fintech is such a new direction in business that there is no generally accepted definition for it. From the point of view of the type of activity, fintech can be defined as - a new financial industry, built on the use of the latest IT technologies for collecting and processing data. From the point of view of the applied products, fintech are new applications, including mobile ones, processes, and business models used primarily in the financial sector.
The developers of such applications ( are in great demand now.

Fintech technologies use the latest scientific advances in the field of: collection and processing of big data, artificial intelligence, robotization, distributed ledgers, cloud technologies, biometrics, mobile technologies. Currently, fintech is most widely used in the financial sector. But similar technologies can improve efficiency in those industries where finance turnover is not the only component of business processes. That is, such technologies can be effectively applied in any organization. Djangostars has experience in such developments and is ready to offer business system software solutions
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