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, 04-24-2021 at 03:01 PM (791 Views)
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When the question of starting a developer career arises, students have a choice: try to find themselves on the web, or start creating applications for iOS and Android platforms. Both directions have their advantages and disadvantages, and sometimes it is very easy to get confused in this variety. Let's try to find out which one is more relevant and opens up more opportunities.

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While both are popular, there is a slight preponderance towards web development, with the number of vacancies for Android and iOS app developers slightly lower than those for web developers, according to Stack Overflow. At the same time, the salary of a web developer is lower than that of a mobile developer, as evidenced by the statistics of the Yandex.Rabota service. This is due to the fact that more programming languages ​​are available in web development: Java, C #, Go and many others, while for the same iOS, applications are mostly created using Swift.

What's harder?

Mobile development is about creating apps for smartphones and tablets. And when the code becomes more complex, the developer may need advanced mathematical knowledge in the field of algorithms, the programming language alone will not be enough. In the case of web development, you may not encounter the above difficulties: of course, this direction is not simpler, however, due to the many areas, even a beginner without programming experience can find his calling here. Here are just some of the programming languages ​​available to a web developer:

Don't have time to develop a mobile or web application? No problem! - Entrust it to specialists

A matter of preference
Many developers are skeptical about mobile gadgets due to the small screen and lack of controls like "mouse", so when the choice arises, they prefer the desktop. Others do not like to develop applications for smartphones on Android due to the need to test programs for several groups of devices. IOS is easier in this regard, but software development can still cause difficulties.
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    In fact, it doesn't matter which niche you choose, web development or application development, because both niches are very promising now, but personally, I prefer web development and site layout.
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    I think that the prospects for these areas are relatively the same. Therefore, you need to choose from what you are more interested in. I also recommend considering development at IoT This is a fairly promising area that will become more popular every year.

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