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, 02-20-2021 at 01:33 AM (353 Views)
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Testosterone is a hormone responsible for secondary sexual characteristics in men (developed body muscles, hair growth on the body and face, low voice, potency, etc.). But why does a woman need this hormone and how does its excess or deficiency affect women's health?

The importance of testosterone for the female body

Women have much lower testosterone levels than men, but this hormone has a big impact on their fertility. If the indicator deviates from the norm, serious difficulties may appear with the conception and bearing of a child. With an overestimated testosterone level, the menstrual cycle is malfunctioning, in addition, complete or partial amenorrhea may develop.

Excess testosterone affects more than just fertility. The woman's voice also becomes rough, the following problems with appearance begin:

the skin becomes covered with red acne, becomes oily;

hair appears on the face above the upper lip;

body hair growth is observed in the male pattern (hair begins to grow on the chest, back and abdomen, and on the head, on the contrary, a rapid loss begins).

Noticing signs of testosterone deficiency? - Seek examination and advice from

In addition to external changes, problems with the nervous system appear. The person becomes irritable and nervous. If you do not take measures in time and do not start treatment, serious pathologies may develop, as well as a complete loss of fertility.

Low testosterone levels are also bad for the female body. With a lack of this hormone, constant fatigue and drowsiness are observed, the complexion becomes grayish, the hair loses its shine and becomes brittle, dental problems begin and visits to the dentist become more frequent.
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