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, 08-03-2021 at 05:30 AM (1262 Views)
3D visualization of an interior is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of a space using shape and color. Photorealistic 3D-picture will show how materials, furniture and decor are combined with each other. This is true for most rooms with an area of ​​300 m. So you can understand how the office will look after the completion of the renovation work and what result to achieve from the contractors.

It is important to understand that 3D visualization of a design project is not a panacea. You should not order this service before discussing the concept and details of the project, since the visualizer is able to come up with and draw any picture. And when it comes to measurements and concept development, it may turn out that the idea cannot be implemented or it will be too expensive. And everything will have to be done first.

This scenario is often used by novice designers or those who want to attract clients with a beautiful picture, forgetting about the functionality of the premises.

Here's one example: visualization of interior design, which was once provided to us by a novice specialist.

Analyzing this visualization of interior design, we saw that it would be difficult to implement the idea. There are at least two reasons for this:

the location, quantity and models of lamps are not well thought out. Two windows, several floor lamps and built-in lamps are unlikely to provide enough light in an office. It is imperative to take into account the results of lighting calculations;
the ceiling may be too low to accommodate such a wooden structure. If you remove it, it will simplify the project and deprive the premises of the "zest"

To get a modern and practical space in which you and your employees will work comfortably, it is important to go through three stages before 3D visualization:

fill out the terms of reference with the designers: make control measurements of the room, clarify the functional purpose, desired materials, etc.;
approve plans for zoning and furniture placement;
discuss the general concept of the future office.

As a result of the development of the concept, you will receive an album in which there will be

stylistic collages, color solutions,
floor plans of ceilings and flooring, indicating the materials used and the location of the lighting fixtures,
presentation of samples of finishing materials,
freehand sketches of the main areas.
In parallel, specialists are working on 3D visualization.

The contractors you invite to implement the project will be able to rely on this documentation and visualization of the interior design. In this case, you do not have to worry about whether the result coincides with the idea.


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    I'm just setting up my home office, and on the Internet, I saw information about adjustable tables that can be set to the height I need, all due to the fact that I have back problems and standing up is more useful to work. The option of an adjustable table suits me because, in a sitting position our back flexes a lot, which can cause health problems over time, I also need an ideal comfortable working environment, I have already chosen a monitor and a chair with back support, and the lighting.
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    Visualization of interiors is needed first of all so that the customer can understand whether this is the design that he would like to see for many years. Well, so that the designer himself sees the project from the outside and, if necessary, can improve it. I cooperate with 3d visualization studio - projects seem to come alive with their help. Indescribable feelings!

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