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, 05-23-2021 at 06:19 AM (471 Views)
About 5 years ago, artificial intelligence (aka AI) was associated with science fiction films, where robots saved the world, and supercomputers tried to enslave it. Today everyone is talking about AI. Let's try to figure out what kind of magic lies behind humanoid machines, how they think, and why machine learning is needed.
Although the secret of the human brain has not yet been revealed and we are far from the creation of its software analogs, today there are robots that are able to perform certain actions and make decisions much more efficiently than Homo Sapiens.
AI is actively involved in medicine, helping doctors identify Alzheimer's disease from the patient's speech, determine the predisposition to diseases, and do many other amazing things. Smart machines are used in almost every possible industry. For example, LG plans to open a plant for the production of equipment in 2023, where all processes, from the procurement of raw materials to quality control of products, will be fully automated.
Powerful, isn't it? And this is not a set of commands that are executed under certain conditions. This is a program that is able to analyze and, based on the data, perform this or that action.
For AI to learn to make the right decisions, it needs to be trained, this process is called machine learning.
How does machine learning work? Artificial intelligence is like a small child to whom parents explain why the sky is blue and the grass is green. Also, by trial and error, he independently learns the world.
There are many teaching methods, each of which includes different algorithms:
classical training;
reinforcement learning;
neural networks and deep learning.
This is the basic theory of machine learning. In fact, the topic is much broader. If you are planning to dive headlong into machine learning, simply consult with the technicians to guide you through the design and implementation to give you valuable insight.


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