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, 07-25-2008 at 01:21 PM (12447 Views)

Nokia N73, Nokia E71, Microsoft Zune 30GB

Wow...what can I say about the E71? It's an awesome device. When people ask for a business oriented device, they usually want:

1. QWERTY input
2. Access to Email
3. Access to the Internet
4. Ability to view and edit documents

The problem is, they usually want it in a small package. Now we've seen some answers to this (blackjack, pantech duo) but cramped keyboards, and a laggy Windows OS made it a very unfriendly user experience.

Along comes the E71, packaging all the concepts of a business phone into a small sleek package. Oh yes, let's not forget that Nokia has included their "better than average" media features such as a 3.2 megapixel camera, MP3 playback, streaming video/audio/radio, podcasting app, and radio!

The QWERTY on this phone is a little small, but you get used to it. I find it's not as cramped as a blackjack, although not a spacy as a tilt. The feedback of the keys is solid.

There’s a 320×240 on the E71, which is not as big as a Tilt or Iphone; but web viewing, image, and video were still crisp and clear.

You have to hold one in your hand to really feel the solid build quality of this device. The metal body makes it feel indestructible! The size is perfect for storing in a pocket.

The Thinnest Smartphone Available

Call Quality:
This is the strong point for Nokia. This phone is a beast for holding a signal. I've had a few drop calls, but I'm blaming at&t for those.

Everything a business person wants:
Infared (really?)
HSPDA (the E71-2)

I had the E71-1 which is the European version, so I did not test the HSPDA speeds, but connectivity through EDGE and WiFi seemed to be solid. Bluetooth Profiles are all there, object push, A2DP (wireless headphones), and DUN to name a few important ones. What's up with Infared though?

The phone is a tad low on the earpiece side, but the speaker is decent, even has stereo playback like N-Series Nokias. Sound quality is decent, a little tinny at times. (could possibly be better with E71-2 on 3G)

This phone obviously is a business phone and not a media device. The picture and video quality is subpar to superior camera phones like the N95, N78 and Sony-Ericsson's cybershot line. I will say the camera is better than many smartphones out there, with autofocus being a key feature missing from most phones.

photo taken with E71

Battery Life:
Another plus for this phone is the ginormous battery life you get out of it. With heavy voice/internet use I'm usually charging it every other day. If you use it lightly you could probably get a weeks worth of use out of it.

Last but definitely not least is business
functionality. The E71 has an email client for POP/IMAP, Blackberry Connect, Goodlink and Exchange Mail. I tested the Exchange Mail and also System Seven's beta mail. Exchange mail worked smoothly as did System Seven with only a few minor hiccups. My only complaint in this dept. is lack of HTML views. For a person in graphics and design like myself, this is a must, although the E71 also comes with basic Quickoffice installed so you can read .pdf, excel and word files.

Conclusion recap:

My favorite Nokia and business phone so far.
Thanks to Womworld for the ability to trial this device.

-Build Quality Metal Body
-Business Functions
-Connectivity Options
-Memory (RAM and Storage)
-Symbian S60 OS (tons of apps available)

-Picture quality
-Nokia Browser via WiFi
-Sound Quality

-Video recording
-No HTML email Support
-2.5mm propiertary headphone jack
-Fingerprint Magnet!

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    I am extremely jealous that you were able to get one of these. I've been wanting to get my hands on one since pics leaked online. Glad to hear it's even better than the E61 that I loved.

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