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    I have a plantronics 320 for my cell phone(a samsung A920) and really like the concept,but was wondering a few things. First off are all bluetooth headsets created equelly? I'am considering getting a jabra jx10 to replace the plantronics I have now,to anyone who has a jabra jx10 what can you tell me about this headset? Do the high end expensive bluetooth headsets really perform so much better as to justify thair price? I also was wondering if the jabra jx10/samsung A920 combo would be a good one?

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    Re: Bluetooth headset questions?

    I have used 2 different heads, the Motorola H500 and the Jabra BT250.

    Both are excellent headsets, the Jabra being slightly better only due to the fact that it's designed to sit inside your ear, like an earbud headphone, whereas the H500 just sits on your ear, like over the head headphones.

    Other than that, quality-wise, they're both very equal. My personal opinion is that it's mostly style and uniqueness that dictate price, not actual performance.

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    Re: Bluetooth headset questions?

    ,,,,,all created equally?

    There are various build variations.

    1. Fit design (inner ear., flush, slightly overflush )
    2. DSP (Digital Signal Processing) ?? better sound quality?
    3. DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) ?? This is what drowns out the ambient noises (Mall/restaurant/car with radio on) and focuses on your voice only.
    4. Battery Life
    5. Standby time

    etc etc

    There are A LOT of variations between headsets.

    Having said that., PRICE is not an absolute reliable gauge of quality in performance. It definately IS (as Abom mentioned) for esthetic appeal however.

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    Re: Bluetooth headset questions?

    I signed up with Bell on a 3 year contract and the deal is that you get 2 Plantronics 320 headsets, the headsets are sooooo.. noisy that i cannot use them. I complained to the Bell Store and no luck, they told me to get lost. I am trying to talk to the Bell headoffice. I have tested both the headsets and same problem. Does anyone know which headset work well with the Samsung A900 ?

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