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    Click on the useful Bluetooth links below
    Bluetooth definition (Phone Scoop)
    Bluetooth site
    Bluetooth DUN via Nextel
    Bluetooth Profiles
    Stereo Bluetooth

    Turn off all Bluetooth devices except the two you are trying to pair.
    Set both devices to visable/ find me...
    Set both devices to discovery (two colors flash)
    Bluetooth Pairing = 0000
    Bluetooth GPS Pairing = 1234

    Keep both devices on same side of body.

    Bluetooh Pairing to PC:
    For BT Stereo music:
    You're going to need a BT stereo headset (same as for phone)
    Both need the A2dp profiles

    For BT File transfer:
    You're going to need a dongle, (see below), and good Bluetooth software for the PC
    (software CD that comes with the dongle will not work)

    Quote Originally Posted by phonescoop

    Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology used to create PANs (Personal Area Networks) among your devices, and with other nearby devices.

    Bluetooth allows you to leave your phone in your pocket, while talking on your phone with a Bluetooth headset - with no wires. You can also exchange contact or scheduling information with other Bluetooth-enabled phones nearby, or send such information to a nearby Bluetooth-enabled printer.

    Another common use is to give your laptop computer or PDA wireless high-speed Internet access via Bluetooth and your phone.

    Many newer automobiles also have Bluetooth, which can interface with a phone in a pocket, to allow automatic hands-free phone capability.

    More innovative uses include playing a game against someone with a similar phone nearby, or using a special Bluetooth pen to send SMS messages by simply writing them on paper.

    Bluetooth functionality is divided into separate types of connections known as "profiles". Each of the various scenarios outlined above involve a different profile. Not all Bluetooth devices support all profiles.

    For example, most phones support the Headset (HSP) and Handsfree (HFP) profiles, for connecting the phones to headsets and car kits, respectively. But not all phones support the Object Exchange (OBEX) profiles, which let you transfer files (like photos) (FTP) and/or information (like contacts and events) (OPP) to and from other devices. Another profile supported by only some phones is Dial-Up Networking (DUN), which lets you connect a laptop or PDA to the Internet via the phone. Other optional profiles support connecting to printers (BPP), keyboards (HID), and stereo headphones (A2DP, AVRC).

    Most Bluetooth phones are "class 2", which means the Bluetooth feature has a range of up to 30 feet. Class 1 phones (which are rare) can have a range of up to 300 feet.

    Bluetooth is named for the 10th century Viking king Harald Bluetooth, who united Norway and Denmark.
    Bluetooth USB adapter (Dongle): Used to pair phone to PC

    See More: Bluetooth
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    Re: Bluetooth

    Thank you for visiting our websites

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    Re: Bluetooth

    A note regarding Bluetooth: I own a BMW 3 series, which comes with Bluetooth technology for hands-free usage of my cell phone when I'm in the car. I had the dealer synchronize my phone to my car when I first purchased it a few months ago.

    However, the car developed a few electrical "quirks" (radio cutting out, phone not working, etc.) as time went on, because the phone was not authorized by BMW as being 100% compatible with the Bluetooth technology on-board! As a result, the continued usage of the incompatible phone serves to compromised/ degraded the software used in the car's computer -- and, on a BMW, that gets PRETTY expensive! Eventually, we had to change the car's computer, and get new phones that were on their "list" (yes, they have a print-out from their website, of phones that are compatible with their cars).

    As the dealer himself explained to me, ". . . not all Bluetooth is Bluetooth! Read the fine print!"

    So, if you plan to use Bluetooth to facilitate hands-free usage of your cell phone in your car, here's a word to the wise: you might want to start by asking your dealer which specific cell phones are designed to work with, or are 100% compatible with your car! Otherwise, you might wind up with a phone that cost you $50, only to find out later that it's incompatible with your car!
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    Re: Bluetooth

    I have a question; Does a "Bluetooth v1.1 Phone" transfer files (jpg, mp3)?

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    Re: Bluetooth

    Quote Originally Posted by Doktori View Post
    I have a question; Does a "Bluetooth v1.1 Phone" transfer files (jpg, mp3)?
    These are the file transfer profiles: (OPP, FTP, OBEX)
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    Re: Bluetooth

    Hello....can anyone tell me from where i can download the software of bluetooth for my PC.

    Gracie Sh

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    Re: Bluetooth

    how is use bluetooth to e50 nokia?? ftp files

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    Re: Bluetooth

    Hello. Thanks for all that. I find it helpful actually. Thanks.

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    Re: Bluetooth

    thats helpfull

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