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    I've been all over the net reading different support sites/forums and no one addresses the exact issue i have.

    I've read all the instructions on how to connect my mororola razr (verizon) with my bluetooth (jabrabt135).

    Everything is in pair mode, the bluetooth option power is on on my phone, my phone even discovers the device when it searches for it. After this step is when I am supposed to see a "Bond With XXXAccessory NameXXX. "
    option, but i don't. so i cant bond or pair the devices.

    The device's name is there, but the only option that comes with it is the device's address.

    I dont know what to do differently.
    If anyone has any tips or can help, i would be very grateful!! Thanks!


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    Re: PLEASE help! pairing problems

    Both units need to be in the discover mode. The jabra may have red & blue flashing.
    then enter 000000 or 0000 as the password.
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