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    Re: Loud(er) Headset

    Quote Originally Posted by hillbilly77 View Post
    :the blue parrot tk.it s made for truckers.
    Hello. I'm curious. Is it really designed for truckers or it just happened that most truckers use it?

    See More: Loud(er) Headset

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    Re: Loud(er) Headset

    I have the Motorola H680 Bluetooth headset. Very small and light weight. Very good sound quality, on/off button and volume controls. Comes with a charging case that you can also store it in. It lasted 19 days on the 1st charge. I use it on the drive to work, hour lunch, many times when I am out during the day, on the way home and on weekends. Motorola wanted $80.00 and I ended up buying it on Amazon for $29.00.

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    Re: Loud(er) Headset

    Headphones, is very useful for listen to music, did you want to buy some cheap Headset, go to epathchina.

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    Re: Loud(er) Headset

    I cant even afford i cheap one and i really want a head set

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    Re: Loud(er) Headset

    Quote Originally Posted by Monster77 View Post
    I cant even afford i cheap one and i really want a head set
    Do you want a headset or stereo headphones? Check out the selection for single headsets here:

    Newegg.com - bluetooth headset

    For stereo headphones, check out:

    Newegg.com - stereo bluetooth headset

    I have the Jabra BT-3030 stereo headphone set; got them at Verizon for about $50 ... they are currently selling for about $10!
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    Re: Loud(er) Headset

    I used the Samsung WEP200 and its lowest volume setting was still too loud for me. It should do the trick for you.
    Find One For You! http://www.BluetoothHeadsetReview.org/

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