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    With a bluetooth headset can I answer a phone call with my iPhone 3G buttons or do I have to push the "talk button" on the headset? You see, I'm in a wheelchair and I'm not able to move my arm very far, so I can't reach up to my ear in order to push a "talk button" on a bluetooth headset. I need to know if all bluetooth headsets require the user to push that talk button in order to answer an incoming call. So, can I keep using my cell phone buttons to answer & hang up calls?

    See More: BlueTooth Headset for the Disabled

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    Re: BlueTooth Headset for the Disabled

    My Treo will answer calls with the BT button or the Phone.
    Your phone is probably the same.
    You might have to change some phone settings to make it work.
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    Re: BlueTooth Headset for the Disabled

    Cam is right...

    I don't believe any phone will force you to push the talk button on the headset.

    For some people, it is simply easier to press it on the phone. The carriers understand this.

    Also, somewhere in your phone settings, you can set it to "Auto Answer" which is a convenient feature for some. What it does is it will automatically answer your phone after "x" amount of rings. It will ONLY auto answer your call if it is connected to the bluetooth or other headset. You can also press ignore before it automatically answers your calls...if this may be more convenient. I have seen this feature be somewhat inconvenient on some devices. On one of my phones, it simply wouldn't work...
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    Re: BlueTooth Headset for the Disabled

    link to headset

    Hope this helps...
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    Re: BlueTooth Headset for the Disabled

    thank you very much, i appreciate this thread , very useful and knowledgable ..

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    Re: BlueTooth Headset for the Disabled

    I am a quadriplegic and I have the perfect solution to your problem, go to nobuttonsheadset.com there's a phone number to call. The man's name is Darrell Huff is a mechanical engineer and his son became a quadriplegic from an accident he takes a voice activated Bluetooth and puts a switch and it. When you wave your head past a magnet and it says please say a command. There are a bit pricey but they're well worth it I've had one now, for about two years they run about $225 but he'll work with you there is a cnet review on the site. Tell him Bob Callahan referred you I hope this helps.

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