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    Hi guys. I'm still new here so hopefully I'm doing things right. =)

    I'm looking for a good bluetooth headset, hopefully under $40, that does not have any earbud or in-ear things. My ears seem to be shaped funky and they just don't fit in my ears. One side, even the smallest I've tried will not stay in. The other side, they start to hurt after a minute. I've given up on it.

    So if anyone could suggest some models that just lay on the ear, with a clip or something that goes over the ear to hold it in place, that would be great. I've seen a couple of posts out there about it but they all seem to be from 2008-09. I figure there's got to be newer models with better technology by now.

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    Re: Bluetooth Headset with NO earbud?

    This is an old thread but look for an old Motorola HS850. They were the best back in the day. I still have mine.

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