Hello, everyone. I used to have a headset made by Phillips about 5-7 years ago. It was called VOX340 and it was great because:

1. I could wear it on my neck - the cable was covered by some strong fabric and it was like woven into it. Wearing it on the neck was very good for me because I did not have to worry about losing it somewhere, leaving on a counter. My pockets were not used for keeping the headset.

2. It was stereo, so I had 2 devices in 1 - I could use it for both listening to music and speaking on the phone. Answering the calls was easy - when I heard the ring I had just put the earpiece which was hanging somewhere very close into my ear instead of hastily looking for the headset in my pockets.

3. The cable and the Bluetooth dongle were firmly connected to each other Ė I did not have to worry that the dongle would one day go off and I lose it.

Now Phillips is not making such headset anymore. I want to buy something similar and I look for recommendations: I need over-the-neck stereo Bluetooth headset which can be charged via USB. I donít want a clip-on headset like Jabra Play.

Thanks everyone in advance for any recommendations.

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