I am shopping for a Bluetooth headset that I can use with both my cell phone, and for internet based calls from my computer. So, I need to be able to easily switch between the two. I read about a feature called "dual link", that allow some headsets to link to two devices. One example is the Jabra Go 643. But, I have not been able to find anything about how this is accomplished (i.e. what buttons to press) and how long the change over takes.

Also, there are some other features I really want to have in the headset, but haven't found. It is possible that the phrase "dual link" is only used by one manufacturer, and other terms are used by other manufacturers to describe the same feature. That may have limited my search, if I am not using all the possible terms.

Here is what I am seeking;
  • Dual Link Bluetooth (can easily switch between two bluetooth sources)
  • Over the head, on the ear.
  • Boom microphone.
  • Stereo.

Does anything like this exist?


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