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    I'm selling my like new Boost Mobile beautiful black i730. It's in EXCELLENT condition and is less than a month old. The DC (walkie talkie function) has never even been used. I even have the receipt from Nextel. It has the sim card with minutes left on it, original box, lithium battery and holster. I'm selling it for $105 SHIPPED on Ebay, here is the item number #5739664254 you can buy it now. Shipping is FREE or if you want for extra, I can ship 2 day express tomorrow (wednesday) so you should get it friday via UPS. Please check out auction for more details and three pictures of the phone. I hate to sell this phone but I need the money!

    See More: Fs I730 Boost Mobile Like New! $105 Shipped, Sim Card, Battery, Holster, Manual!

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    If this will work with a nextel sim, I am VERY interested

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