OK, so I was sure to back up all my contacts before I got my new i776 with Motorola Phone tools, as I have upwards of 200, and I really would perfer not to add each one manually. After I get my new i776 I experience a large amount of buyers remorse in a very short period of time. It's been one thing after another with this phone, and the very latest is that I find that iDEN phones aren't compatible with the tools, and have there own contact backup program from Motorola. Anyone know off hand if it's even possible to automate the addition of my old contacts to my new phone?

Just so I don't clog up the forum, but a second question on the i776; Does anyone know off hand how to delete the java applications that are on the phone, as I'll never use half of them and they're just in the way. Thanks in advance.


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