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    I am trying to figure out if there is a way to add contacts to my Motorola Theory on Boost Mobile from my old phone or PC without having to manually add them one by one. I have not been able to locate a desktop manager to manage the internal memory on the phone (model wx430; there is not a SIM card in this phone).

    I have converted the contacts to individual vCards and connected the PC and phone via Bluetooth. The USB cable and Motorola offered driver is only for charging, unfortunately. While checking the available Bluetooth services on the phone, only the Imaging Responder service is listed.

    Does anyone have any help for this or am I stuck with manually entering my Contacts? I don't want to have all of them call me so I can add them that way... . Thank you.

    Edit: Since I posted about 10 minutes ago, it occurred to me that I had not tried to connect the old phone and the Theory via Bluetooth. AH HAH! I can send either selected or multiple "business cards" from my old phone to the Theory and they are added to my Contacts list. Hopefully, someone else may benefit from this information. Thanks anyway.

    See More: Importing Contacts on Motorola Theory?
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