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    i have incognito phone but cant down load my pictures to my computer

    See More: how do i get my pictures transfer to my pc

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    Re: how do i get my pictures transfer to my pc

    Transfer photos from sanyo incognito to computer

    Option 1

    1. Settings' > "Connect to pc'> ''Default connection type">select third option "Disk Drive"
    2. Connect your phone through USB to your computer. Your PC will now detect your phone's memory as external drive.

    Option 2

    After you plug your phone usb into your computer, on your phone, drag down to expand that top bar thingy (like when you see new notifications).
    It should ask you if you want to `mount` your phone to your pc. Select Mount.
    Afterwards, when you go to your computer, it should look like an external usb device.
    and you can try going to computer/Removable disk/DCIM/Camera to see your photos

    Source: http://www.askmefast.com/How_do_i_transfer_photos_from_my_sanyo_incognito_to_my_computer-qna355921.html
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    Re: how do i get my pictures transfer to my pc

    choose the right website of the pictures,download them and put them in a folder,make sure your phone links the computer with the usb,then cut the folder into your phone

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