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    sorry to bother you, I'm a new user of BlackBerry and I wanted to start with the last model (BB Bold 9900), I picked a bargain on eBay with declared 'continuous rebooting' but with a simple software update (BB OS 7.1) and a new original battery seems that it works ok! I can in fact switch it on and off and configure without apparent problems and WiFi seems working great...
    The only problem so far is that... besides the phone has been sold as *unlocked* (though it has a Rogers brand logo at the bottom of the keyboard) I cannot use my simcards (an italian and a thai one). The phone keeps saying: "Insert SIM Card' and the 'SOS' marking close to the antenna on the top-right corner of the screen.

    I know I should have a data plan to enable all the BlackBerry related services (email push, BBM, Facebook, etc.) but for simple calling or SMS (making and receiving) a SIM card should be enough... or not?

    This is what I found out:

    1) I checked forums and websites and while accessing the advanced device configuration and typing MEPD, this is what I get:

    SIM Disabled
    Network Inactive
    Network Subset Disabled
    Service Provider Disabled
    Corporate Disabled

    On top of that screen I can read: 'SIM Card: No Valid SIM Card'

    2) If I open Options -> Networks and Connections -> Mobile Network on the right side at the line starting with 'Mobile Network:' there's the name of the carrier (that seems the phone is really capable of accessing the GSM network, and in particular the carrier of the specific SIM card I'm inserting in it).
    3) the 'BlackBerry Device Analyzer' after running the Cellular Network Connection Issues ends with this results:Antenna Ready: PassedVoice Ready: FailedData Ready: FailedBlackberry Ready: Not RunAnd after pushing 'Next' this is the final resolution: 'The SIM Card is invalid or not inserted. Please check your SIM Card';
    4) The telephone looks like new and there are no signs of wear outside and inside. The four golden contacts of the SIM card displacement look brilliant and clean. The insertion of the SIM card seems smooth though steady with SIM card contacts facing down and according installation specifications;
    5) in the end I checked the IMEI (at a well know australian web site) and it seems that is not blacklisted (though this verification may be inaccurate or at least not completely up-to-date).

    That's it... I also tried reinstalling the software another time but this situation hasn't changed.
    By the way, do anyone know what is the difference between 'Disabled' and 'Inactive' in the SIM status windows (after the MEPD typing)?

    Sorry for such a long message but I'm pretty sure this gives everybody as much information as possible as to avoid possible further suggestions and repeated retries...

    Thank you all for your kind attention, support and understanding... please let me know if someone knows about a similar behaviour and may suggest what can I do further (before trying another device unlock, if even possible, or repair ),

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    Re: BlackBerry Bold 9900: Insert SIM Card / SOS issue (no mobile network access

    Did you check with the seller to make sure it is really unlocked?

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