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    I have boost mobile.

    I get unwanted text messages that i delete upon receipt.

    I don't open them.

    These message show partial telephone numbers.

    Now i'm getting text messages that show

    from:1/2 and from:2/2.

    so when i hit 9999, and text block 1/2

    boost mobile can't process this request.

    meanwhile, i'm not opening them for concern that these might harm my phone.

    has anyone else experienced this?

    any help would be appreciated

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Unwanted Text Messages

    Opening a text message will not harm your phone. If you click on a link and then download a file, that could hard your phone. It's also possible that an MMS message could contain a malicious file.

    It's strange that you're getting messages from partial numbers though. It sounds like they're being sent to your text email address, not your actual phone number. This would allow the sender to easily spoof the sent from headers.

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    Re: Unwanted Text Messages

    I have never had this happen but I wouldn't think that just opening it would harm your phone. I wouldn't click on any of the links in it, but at least it will help you determine where they are coming from and maybe get them to stop coming.

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    Re: Unwanted Text Messages

    Dont follow the text message. It may lead you to different website/ or it may decrease your cellphone load or it can also leech load on your phone. You should try to check if it is a subscription from a network so that you can try to remove that or unsubscribed

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    Re: Unwanted Text Messages

    Sometimes those weird number texts are carrier and system errors, but use a good scanner like AVG it will scan incoming MMS for malicious links. Ya there right the MMS plain text wont harm you more like annoy you its the hyper link.

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